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 July 6, 1899 - Andras Miga, age 22, emmigrated aboard the Norddeutscher Lloyd ship, SS Lahn, from the tiny village of Kapisova in Upper Hungary. This was the first of three crossings that he would make before settling in the United States.


 Anna Krowitsky, in her teens, may have emigrated from Dlhona with her Mother, Mary Krowitsky. It was in New York where Anna met Andras. They married and moved to Medford MA to raise a family. After my Grandfather's (Andras) death, Anna moved to Salem MA for a short while before moving to Lynn and re-married to John Lakus.

Some have said Anna and her Mother came from a town called Dahuna or Dohuna in Saros County, Hungary. I cannot locate any town in Hungary with that spelling; however, I am inclined to think the spelling may be Dlhuna.  In Upper Hungary the towns of Dlhuna and Kapisova were only 4.7 km apart. Upper Hungary is now known as the Slovak Republic.
...and their children:
Chief Chemist, Vicks
TKE ~ Kappa Nu
Anna McTague

Helen Murphy

Mary C Smith

John P
Carpenter & Builder
Michael E
CEO ~ Northend Fruit & Produce
William G
Artist & Retail Store Decoration

Lillian C Scully