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Photography and the way we take photos has changed greatly in the past one hundred years.  First the pictures were black and white, then color photos, now we use digital cameras and even take pictures with our cell-phones.  Persons being photographed would often stand in groups and smile at the camera.  Today some of that still happens, but they are more relaxed and often the pictures are taken more candidly and tell a story at the same time.


To review photographs taken from the MIGA PHOTO ALBUM please CLICK on the old 1920's family photograph shown below.

This link will deliver you to another web address where I have stored these family photos (Shutterfly).  The 90+ photo's you will review also have text included to identify the persons pictured.

I am currently creating content for this section. Additions may be included as they become available; that is, found tucked away in attics, closets, etc.

Thank you for your interest.

Please stop by again,   John Paul Miga, Jr.


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